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Online seminar: Glossaries in LCA (13:30 CEST May 31 2024)

Glossaries are an idea pioneered by the Hestia project, and are now being used by many forward-looking companies and database providers. They act as a single public-facing description of the ontology and taxonomy of a database or project, avoiding inconsistencies and enabling automatic conversion or harmonization. Some glossaries also includes links to other glossaries, enabling simple automatic data exchange. DdS is building a glossary and a set of services for that glossary. In this seminar, we will describe our current work, give a demo of the tools and client library, and answer questions about our glossary and data exchange in general. This online seminar will be held online via Zoom at 13:30 CEST on Friday, May 31, 2024.

Registration opens: April 9, 2024
Registration closes: May 31, 2024